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longcase clock dials

Welcome to the website of Craig Barfoot Clocks

I am a specialist clock dealer in longcase (or grandfather) clocks and am based in Oxfordshire, England. Here you will be able to see my available stock for sale of beautifully restored antique longcase clocks, mantel clocks and wall clocks, also details of my Repair and Restoration services and an Archive of clocks already sold.

October 2021 saw the start of my business' thirtieth year. I now have a large number of clients who regularly have their clocks serviced here and I also have entered into very numerous contracts to restore fire- or flood-damaged clocks for insured clients. Clearly, owners see the virtue of having their treasured clocks properly restored and consequently my repar business is thriving. To mark the success of being in business for all this time, entering my 30th year, I have extended the guarantee on all my stock items from 12 months to two years and, in addition, delivery will now be made free of charge to buyers resident anywhere in Europe.

For information on my clock business and about me, Craig Barfoot, please click on About Me.

For photographs, descriptions and prices of currently available longcase clocks and wall clocks, please visit the Clocks For Sale page.

I am able to make Delivery throughout the UK, Europe, USA and other overseas destinations.

longcase clock dials